e martë, 14 gusht 2007

Happy Equicizer Customer!

Hi Sandy & Frankie,

He made it! Thank you very much! My Equicizer Moonstone is wonderful! Absolutely beautiful; the face & mane are perfect! I am most impressed by how great it feels riding him....it's even better than I imagined it would be! Even bareback he feels great!
The form, solid horse presence and motion you have achieved in the Equicizer design is remarkable. When I first starting researching riding simulators, I found several models that ranged from bizarre-looking stools to motorcycle seat/saddle on a post. These simulators have totally missed the boat...I'm not sure what they simulate but I doubt it is riding. I am so glad I didn't pursue one of those as it wouldn't have been at all what I wanted! I've set Moonstone up in my artroom/office away from my other pets (2 cats & dog) who are most curious. Well, the cats are; the dog (toy-size) took one look and ran!

Thanks again for your exceptional customer care and, for creating this wonderful horse; I'll treasure him forever!!

Gratefully yours,

Hi Sandy!!
I had wonderful ride last night....poor Little LucyJane (Chinese Crested) still doesn't know what to make of Moonstone (she's still covered up in her little bed). I had an excellent ride and love a gentle canter. I told my husband that I thought I could almost feel breath movement beneath my lower leg....he thought I was completely nuts! Anyway, amazing creation Frankie! I'm definitely a believer! Yes, share, there are lots of people who would love an Equicizer and knowing how customers really feel about them is important. I am a huge fan!! Both of the Equicizer & company!

Best wishes!